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A gift, an experience, a mission

Regnum Christi for you

Life in Regnum Christi

Making the Kingdom present with our lives

Jesus may be calling you to a closer relationship with Him, and Regnum Christi may be a place for it. The lifestyle of a Regnum Christi member in any of his vocations is born from a personal encounter with Christ who invites him, along with others, to live the mission of making the Kingdom present.

Regnum Christi Education

RC Schools and the Divine Mercy University

Educational communities of excellence that seek to train authentic seekers of the truth, free and mature people, who can experience the joy of meeting Jesus Christ and being his apostles to contribute to a more just and humane world. It may be what you are looking for for your children’s basic and higher education, or a place to contribute your talents in the professional field.

Marriage & Family

We have all been created for love, to love and be loved.

The Regnum Christi proposal to respond to the call that God has placed in our hearts and that we all share: the vocation to love.


Go into all the world, and preach the Gospel

Share the faith with other young people and families during Holy Week in Spain, in summer in mission countries or in urban missions at the service of parish priests. She encounters Christ in other corners of the world, and discovers how He answers the questions of the heart of people from all walks of life and places.

RC Spirituality

Pray, Learn, Grow, Go

The RC Spirituality Center believes God wants to touch and transform every corner of your soul, and they strive to provide quality resources to help make that happen. All resources are grouped in one of the four key categories: pray, learn, grow, and go.

Spiritual Exercises

Spend some time alone with God

Spiritual Exercises Retreats are a weekend-long get away to pray, talk with God, look at your life through his eyes, and ask him to give you light, love, forgiveness, and inspiration.

RC Mission Corps

Called by Christ.  Formed to Lead.  Sent on Mission.

The Regnum Christi Mission Corps is a 1-2 year Catholic youth missionary program that leads young people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, forms them as Christian leaders and apostles, and sends them out to put their unique gifts and talents at the service of the evangelizing mission of the Church.


Forged in virtue.  Called to serve.

Conquest is an Official ECYD Program for boys ages K-12. Our Catholic Curriculum fosters a deep relationship with Jesus Christ and forms adolescents as Christian leaders to transform culture.


Service driven, team based, & teen led.

Challenge is an Official ECYD Program for girls ages K-12. Our Catholic Curriculum fosters a deep relationship with Jesus Christ and forms adolescents as Christian leaders to transform culture.

Pilgrim Queen of the Family

Explore where God is calling you to promote and unite others in prayer.

The Pilgrim Queen of the Family is a network of Catholic families united by the desire to live and share the Gospel and to promote the devotion of praying the rosary in all Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools, CCD, or any community group or setting.


Apps, videos, podcasts, & online resources

Participa del Regnum Christi a través de LomásRC cada semana, descubre los temas de interés desde una perspectiva católica con la Revista Misión, y abraza como joven la fe de forma sana y atractiva a través de FocusLife.

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